Who We Are

Launched in 2012, Impact Ventures’ UK was established by two reputable institutions in banking and investment. IVUK is applying LGT Impact’s experience in investing across more than 40 enterprises in emerging markets and building on Berenberg’s relationships within the UK social entrepreneur community.

We are a diverse group of professionals with experience that includes social impact investing, philanthropy, banking, investment, and business. Our team of local, frontline UK investment managers work closely with social entrepreneurs, while leveraging the network and expertise of its founding partners, IVUK’s Investment Committee and its Strategic Partners. Recognised for our professionalism as well as our commitment to maintaining strong relationships with our investees, IVUK strives to be the preferred investor of ambitious social enterprises in the UK.

Impact Ventures UK is a diverse group of professionals with experience that include philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, investment, and business.

Prince Max


Sustainability Instead of Populism

Prince Max von Liechtenstein, CEO of LGT, sees dangerous trends in the many environmental issues, but in the increasing concentration of income and wealth too.