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The marketplace for social impact investing may still be young, but it is rapidly expanding. A government report shows that the UK market is growing steadily—up from £165 million in 2011 to £200 million in 2012. Social enterprises contribute £55 billion to the economy each year, while employing more than 2 million people.

Impact Ventures UK is playing a key role in the market’s growth through strategic investments in ambitious social enterprises. Founding partners LGT Venture Philanthropy and Berenberg launched IVUK to offer social enterprises a competitive and diversified capital pool to help expand their reach and impact.

Our investment: We invest from £500,000 in social enterprises with a proven business model achieving significant social impact in the UK, to as much as £5 million over time for larger social enterprises. Our goal is to invest in 20-30 ambitious social enterprises implementing innovative solutions to some of the most challenging social issues.

IVUK is a unique social impact investor that seeks to benefit businesses throughout the relationship: Our team offers qualified investment guidance and become integral partners throughout the lifespan of the relationship. Our Investment Committee also provides social entrepreneurship experience and opens their networks to expand our investees’ scope and impact.

Known in the marketplace for its collaborative approach, Impact Ventures UK is not just an investor, but a long-term, supportive partner to the proven social enterprises in which it invests. Impact Ventures UK is committed to advancing the profitability, scalability and social impact of its enterprises beyond its initial investment.

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Social enterprises contribute £55 billion to the economy each year and employ more than 2 million people.

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