Impact Ventures UK is known for the financial rigour with which our investment processes are conducted. The IVUK investment team identifies potential investees and works with them to conduct the initial sourcing and screening phases. After an initial information-gathering process, businesses are evaluated against five main screening criteria: quality and experience of management, effectiveness of the solution, growth potential, efficiency of implementation and potential to create impact.

This checklist is intended to give social entrepreneurs interested in seeking funding from IVUK a clear sense of what we are looking for in each potential investee. In particular, IVUK wants to ensure that all social enterprises who partner with us:

  • Are aligned with IVUK’s mission and values
  • Are a small-to-medium business have a robust business plan and financial projections demonstrating clear near-term ability to scale up social impact
  • Demonstrate a business model that can generate reasonable, sustainable capital returns Showcase a strong management team with deep knowledge and commitment
  • Promote market-based solutions in sectors that include but are not limited to: aging, disability, education, housing, criminal justice, financial inclusion, employment and skills training, children and families, community assets and enterprises
  • Feature social impact as a core part of its core strategy
  • Provide data and other evidence to support their social impact commitment
  • Create products and/or services that seek primarily to improve the quality of life for disadvantaged groups in the UK
  • Have a clear social mission with measurable outcomes
  • Feature simple solutions easy to use and explain, and offer a demonstrable advantage against other solutions available in the market
  • Can provide evidence of revenue generation

Social enterprises should note that Impact Ventures UK does not consider: businesses with controversial business activities or who engage in political or religious activities. We do not provide support for organisations focused on deficit reduction, emergency or disaster relief or humanitarian issues, academic initiatives or any organisation that discriminates on the basis of race, religion, gender, age, disability or sexual orientation.

Do you confidently meet our criteria? If so, contact Impact Ventures UK.

Prince Max


Sustainability Instead of Populism

Prince Max von Liechtenstein, CEO of LGT, sees dangerous trends in the many environmental issues, but in the increasing concentration of income and wealth too.