Big White Wall Founder and CEO Jen Hyatt announced as Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2015

31st March 2015

Big White Wall

With this award, Jen Hyatt joins the ranks of the top social entrepreneurs worldwide, earning recognition from the Schwab Foundation, a sister organisation of the World Economic Forum. She is one of three social entrepreneurs selected from Europe.

Hyatt said she was “deeply honoured” by the award. “Today, the majority of people who experience a mental health problem go untreated. Digital services like Big White Wall break down stigma and barriers to access,” she added.

Katherine Milligan, Director and Head of the Schwab Foundation, commented “Social entrepreneurs are crucial to the global conversation about inclusive growth. They are innovators who use market forces and business discipline to provide solutions for local problems and improve the lives of low-income and marginalized people.”

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Jen’s blog on the awards will be published here

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