Q&A with Dr Mehool Sanghrajka

What is Learning Possibilities’ Social Mission?

We exist to improve education in schools. Our platform engages learners and provides digital skills for future employment. It encourages collaboration in schools where audiences are sometimes disconnected from learning. Our platform re-engages them and stimulates interest back to education. Learning Possibilities improves the lives of children and their opportunities.

How did you first make contact with Impact Ventures UK?

Through, one of our non-executive directors. This year the opportunity came about for fund raising and we were very keen on the clear alignment of social impact and their philosophy being beyond financial return.

What have you learned or how have you benefitted from working with the fund thus far?

It’s fairly early days. A couple of things we have clearly learnt is about bringing clarity to improving lives. How do we measure it? How can we scale it as we go beyond the UK and move into a global market? They bring experience, contacts and connections to facilitate this.

What advice do you have for social enterprises seeking funding from IVUK?

I think three very important things that we have seen are:

1. Have a realistic but ambitious business plan

2. Be clear on delivery – Have a strong management team, routes to market and the ability to deliver and execute

3. Be clear on the impact you will make as a social enterprise and how you are measuring that impact


  • Impact Sector: Education
  • Founded: 2004
  • CEO: Dr Mehool Sanghrajka
  • Funding Date: May 2016

Learning Possibilities is an extraordinary business that has achieved a great deal over a short period.Close Quote

Dr Mehool Sanghrajka,

Prince Max


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