Big White Wall: 24/7 Safe Space for Mental Health Support

According to national health statistics, one in four people in the UK experience a mental health problem annually, but few come forward to seek treatment. Up to 75 percent remain untreated. To help tackle this widespread challenge, Big White Wall (BWW) created a resource that people, anytime, anywhere, could access with just one click to get much-needed support.

A secure, diagnosis-agnostic digital service, BWW enables 24/7 access to a range of features designed to help people coping with mental illness, or who need support during very stressful or challenging situations. Individuals can register and, through a series of questions, BWW develops customised suggestions and assessments to serve the specific needs of the member, who remains anonymous throughout the service.

There are several levels in which individuals can interact on BWW: the first allows them to join forums and conversations, utilise creative outlets to paint, write or draw, as well as access learning resources. The second level allows members to join an evidence-based course or programme, working in a peer group. The top level allows individuals to engage directly with an accredited and experienced health professional via instant messaging, audio or video for 1:1 direct support.

Creating an Ecosystem of Mental Health Support

To date, BWW has supported over 26,000 people and is available in the UK, US and New Zealand. BWW also works extensively with the armed forces, veterans and their families. BWW work through clinical commissioning groups, as well as groups of GPs, mental health trusts, colleges and universities and employers, both directly and indirectly through private health insurance.

BWW wants to disrupt the current health care paradigm towards a social model, so that people can take control of their own health journeys and IVUK’s funding will help support significant improvement of the product.

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  • Impact Sector: Health
  • Founded: 2007
  • Interim CEO: Tina Trenkler
  • Number of employees: 21
  • IVUK Funding: £1 million
  • Funding Date: August 2014
Big White Wall
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