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K10 addresses the declining number of apprentices working in the construction sector and the difficulties contractors faced when committed to delivering effective apprenticeship programmes. K10 specialises in connecting the unemployed to apprenticeships with reputable construction companies in London.

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  • Impact Sector: Employment & Skills
  • Founded: 2010
  • CEO: Tim Lunt
  • Number of employees: 10 - 15
  • IVUK Funding: £600,000
  • Funding Date: February 2014

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Buddy is a digital tool to support therapy services based in the belief that the best outcomes are realised when we bring together professional-led services and people-powered care. Clients use text messaging to keep a daily diary of what they are doing and how they feel, helping to reinforce positive behaviours.

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  • Impact Sector: Health
  • Founded: 2012
  • CEO: Syed Abrar
  • Number of employees: 8
  • IVUK Funding: £300,000
  • Funding Date: May 2014

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Homes for Good

Homes for Good Investments is a new venture with IVUK that will ensure a wider stock of affordable, well-maintained homes is available to marginalised households in Scotland. Its sister company Homes for Good CIC will let and manage the properties along with homes from local landlords.

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  • Impact Sector: Housing & Shelter
  • Founded: 2013
  • CEO: Susan Aktemel
  • Number of employees: 6
  • IVUK Funding: £2 million
  • Funding Date: September 2014

Big White Wall

Big White Wall

Launched in 2007, Big White Wall (BWW) offers individuals experiencing emotional or psychological distress a safe, anonymous online space to seek support. The service is professionally staffed, and also offers creative outlets, assessments and other resources to its members, including veterans and NHS service users. BWW became an IVUK investee in October 2014.

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  • Impact Sector: Health
  • Founded: 2007
  • Interim CEO: Tina Trenkler
  • Number of employees: 21
  • IVUK Funding: £1 million
  • Funding Date: August 2014

Unforgettable - Life-changing dementia products


More than 850,000 people in the UK have dementia with 225,000 diagnosed each year. In the over-60s Alzheimer’s is now a bigger concern than cancer and 40% of us either care for or know someone with dementia. Living with dementia can seem overwhelming and hopeless as founder of Unforgettable, James Ashwell, discovered when he and his siblings cared for their mother. Knowing how lonely and challenging the dementia journey can be, James’s vision is Unforgettable; a source of practical advice, specialised products and a supportive community all in one safe place for carers who are really struggling.

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  • Impact Sector: Health
  • Founder: James Ashwell
  • CEO: David Lethbridge
  • IVUK Funding: £500,000
  • Number of employees: 10
  • Funding Date: September 2015

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Latimer Group

Latimer Group works directly with youth audiences to co-create insights, award winning content and cutting edge global campaigns. Making a huge impact on the creative advertising industry, Latimer Group’s partnerships with global brands and NGOs work with young people to co-create campaigns with an authentic voice. Passionate about social enterprise, they put real people at the heart of what they do.

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  • Impact Sector: Employment and Skills
  • Founded: 2011
  • Managing Director(s): Matt Hay and Jack Woodcraft
  • Number of employees: 25
  • IVUK Funding: £1m
  • Funding Date: December 2015

Learning Possibilities

Learning Possibilities has a vision of technology enriching the lives of millions through education. It builds cloud solutions to drive transformation in the classroom and give children opportunities beyond it.

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  • Impact Sector: Education
  • Founded: 2004
  • CEO: Dr Mehool Sanghrajka
  • Funding Date: May 2016


Livity strives to improve the employability of young people through work-based interventions that generate effective client marketing content. Livity draws on the insights gained from its work experience programmes and internships to create appropriate, relevant and effective campaigns, all the while inspiring positive behavioural change through career-related support.

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  • Impact Sector: Employment and Skills
  • Founded: 2001
  • Co-founders: Michelle Morgan and Sam Conniff
  • IVUK Funding: Up to £1.5m
  • Funding Date: August 2016

Prince Max


Sustainability Instead of Populism

Prince Max von Liechtenstein, CEO of LGT, sees dangerous trends in the many environmental issues, but in the increasing concentration of income and wealth too.