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Our Criteria

We are active, late-stage venture investors.

We back exceptional entrepreneurs

Mission Driven

Your mission drives at success beyond profit and attracts purpose talent.

Purpose Talent

You have a tier one team, proving you can hire up and build a great culture.


Your business is turning over in excess of £1 million and you are raising your Series A/B.


We love international potential, but you must have operations in the UK.


You are looking for an active partner and our initial cheque size of £1 to £4 million should be a significant part of the round.

If your investors aren’t asking you about your mission they’re probably the wrong investors. We look for companies that are solving a real problem, seeking to build more than just profit and fit with our vision of a fairer, more sustainable future. We want to partner with teams who embrace reality and work with data not hype.

The management teams we back are our most precious resource and we know that time spent with prospective investors is time out of the business. We seek to run an efficient, transparent and focused investment process to get us to a decision quickly and identify where we can add value. We connect investees to our network of industry experts and share learnings across our UK and global portfolio.


Companies solving
hard problems.


Our backgrounds bring diverse perspectives
and deep investment experience.

Investment Committee

Our collective experience is strengthened by
our extended Investment Committee.


Leverage our network
of strategic partners.

LGT Lightstone

And be part of an international network.


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The best way to reach us is via introductions, but feel free to say hello on email

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